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Noble Gases boxed set REQUEST

In this elegant and beautiful boxed set you will find all the noble gases except radioactive Radon. 

Here you will find, like shows in the pictures:


  1. Helium 99,999%
  2. Neon 99,999%
  3. Argon 99,999%
  4. Kripton 99,999%
  5. Xenon 99,999% 


Each ampoule is filled with 25mL of the noble gases!

Ampoule Dimensions: 10 cm long and 2 cm diameter.

Each gases can be illuminated with a 2kV transformer (not included).


Order now, we realize it for you in maximum 4 weeks. 

The perfect gift for any student and/or science lovers!

199,90 €

  • 2 kg
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