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our sets:

Lithium, Sodium and Potassium metal in glass vial
High purity alkali metals samples of 1 gram each in beautiful glass vial under high quality mineral oil. Each vial comes with our beautiful colored label. Purity from 99,8% to 99,9% In this set you find lithium metal, sodium metal ... (Read More)
25,90 € 3  
complete alkali-earth metals set in glass vial
high purity alkali-earth metals set including Beryllium 0,5 grams 99,9%, Magnesium flakes fulfilled vial 99,9%, Calcium 2 gram 99,9% shiny pellets, Strontium 1 gram dendritic 99,8%, Barium 1 gram 99,6%. Calcium, strontium and barium a ... (Read More)
32,90 € 3  
H2, N2, O2 gases set LOW PRESSURE atmosphere
This set includes Hydrogen 99,99%, Nitrogen 99,99% and Oxygen 99,99% in LOW PRESSURE atmosphere that means the gases can be lighted up with a high voltage transformer (2kV) or with a simple Tesla bulb, not on sale here. Each gas comes inside ... (Read More)
39,90 € 3  
complete noble gases set
high purity noble gases set: Helium 99,9%, Neon 99,9%, Argon 99,9%, Kripton 99,9%, Xenon 99,9% in glass ampoules inside glass vials. Pure noble gases element set. NOTE: THE LABEL FOR THE KRYPTON IS NOW CORRECT.  These gases CAN NOT be ... (Read More)
48,90 € 3  
NEW!!! Noble gases set, LOW PRESSURE atmosphere
Each gases comes inside our amazing labeled glass vial as usual. Each gases can be lighted up with a high voltage transformer 2kV or with  simple Tesla bulb, not on sale here. Purity of each gases are 99,99%, we are the only international se ... (Read More)
78,90 € 3  
Complete gases set H2, N2, O2, He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe
Ultimate gases set, a sample of each gases at minimum purity of 99,99%, each gas can be lighted up with a high voltage transformer (2kV) or a simple Tesla bulb, not on sale here. Each gas comes inside our amazing labeled glass vials as usual ... (Read More)
119,90 € 3  
Complete rare earth metals set (16 elements)
This set includes all the rare earth element also called Lanthanides, including Scandium and Yttrium, since several years considered of this family. The elements includes have purity 99,95% to 99,99%: Scandium 0,5g crystal, Yttrium 1 gram, L ... (Read More)
129,90 € 3  
Periodic Table Collector Edition
  With this amazing periodic system you can finally collect and shows your elements. It contains 118 holes and fits perfectly only our glass vials. You can purchase it alone or in a set to save much money. This acrylic box is realized ... (Read More)
From 149,90 € 3  
COMPLETE Alkali metals argon sealed set 99,9% min.
High purity alkali metals in ampoule under argon and glass vial. Samples of 1 gram each, except Lithium, which weight about 0,5 grams. Minimum purity 99,9% for Li, Na, K. Purity 99,99% for Rb and Cs. LEAD TIMES: 4 WEEKS, DISCOUNT CODE NOT VA ... (Read More)
499,90 € 3  
Periodic Table of Elements various sets
Our incredible sets for any science student, lover, museum, school, university and laboratories.    The 80 elements set includes all the PERIODIC TABLE elements, in the same quantity as showed on the relatives pages of each element ... (Read More)
From 1.029,90 € 3