Lithium sodium and potassium metal for element collectors


Lithium, Sodium and Potassium metal in glass vial 99,8% min.

High purity alkali metals samples of 1 gram each in beautiful glass vial under high quality mineral oil.

Each vial comes with our beautiful colored label. Purity from 99,8% to 99,9%

In this set you find lithium metal, sodium metal and potassium metal.

Alkali metals set 1g each

24,90 €

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COMPLETE Alkali metals argon sealed set 99,9% min. purity.

High purity alkali metals in ampoule under argon and glass vial. Samples of 1 gram each, except Lithium, which weight about 0,5 grams. Minimum purity 99,9% for Li, Na, K. Purity 99,99% for Rb and Cs. LEAD TIMES: 4 WEEKS, DISCOUNT CODE NOT VALID FOR THIS ITEM!

Alkali metals argon sealed set

499,90 €

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alkali metals set for element collectors

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