Cs 55 Cesium

cesium metal in ampoule, buy cesium metal

Cesium is one of the alkali metals with chemical symbol Cs and atomic number 55. It is solid and golden at normal pressure and temperature, is highly reactive with water and air, it must be placed in sealed glass ampoule under argon only. 

Cesium is an incredible element because melt in your hands at body temperature. If you take in your hands the glass ampoule, after several minutes you can see that all the cesium before liquid becomes liquid, looks like pure liquid gold.  

There are four isotopes of Cesium, 3 of them are radioactive, we don't sell these isotope, but  we sell the stable and natural cesium metal (not radioactive), called cesium-133. 

We suggest this element at the purity of 99,99% in an argon sealed glass ampoule.

Our ampoule are filled with 1 gram of pure Cesium metal 99,99% in inert atmosphere in this case cesium will shiny forever, we also supply 15-20mg ampoules and 10 grams or more, please ask us if you want big cesium ampoule. 

Normally available in 1 week, until is available of course. You can order alone or with other elements, if Cesium is not ready, we send first all the elements in stock and when it's ready we send it for free.

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Cesium metal 1 gram sample 99,99% in argon sealed ampoule

High purity Cesium metal element 55 sample of 1 gram 99,99% in argon sealed ampoule. Pure Cesium metal sample. Lead time: 10 days

169,99 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 3-7 days1

Cesium metal 0,1 gram 99,99% ampoule in labeled glass vial

High purity Cesium metal element 55 sample of 100mg in glass ampoule (dimensions: 5 mm diameter x 30mm long) inside a beautiful glass vial professionally labeled, Pure Cesium metal sample. LAST 3 AMPOULE AVAILABLE (2 SOLD): LEAD TIME 6 WEEKS

119,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 2-3 weeks1

Cesium metal 99,99% mini ampoule in vial

High purity cesium metal ampoule argon sealed 99,99%, 15 milligrams of pure cesium metal sample, put into a beautiful glass vial.

Ampoule dimensions: about 1,5cm long.

24,90 €

  • Sold Out

Cesium metal 10 grams 99,99%

High purity Cesium metal 99,99% 10 grams sample in ampoule under argon. This is an incredible Cesium specimen at very best price! 

319,90 €

  • Sold Out

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