I 53 Iodine

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Although it is a halogen, elemental iodine has a metallic look and sometimes iodine is seen as a metalloid. Elemental iodine is less reactive than the other halogens. Iodine is quite volatile and easily evaporates to purple gas. It is the element with the highest number that is essential to multicellular organisms, humans process iodine in their thyroid gland. Iodide is added to table salt, to prevent iodine deficiency.

The famous pharmaceutical tincture of iodine is used to disinfect wounds. Several highly radioactive isotopes of iodine, which have half-lifes of some hours and days, occur as fission products from uranium and plutonium. Due to their accumulation in the thyroid gland, these are amongst the biggest threats after nuclear accidents.


Iodine pellets sealed ampoule and vial 99.9% pure 2-3 grams

High Purity and completely safe to handle/store/display iodine pellets sample of about 2-3 grams permanently sealed in mini ampoule and placed inside labeled glass vial. Pure Iodine ampoule for element collection, laboratory use and display. This is the only safe way to store and collect appropriately iodine element sample.

Last picture shows the resina casting option, amazing. 

Iodine glass vial

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Iodine crystals in liquid xenon

Amazing sample of pure iodine crystals in liquid xenon sealed ampoule, placed inside our labeled glass vial. This is a must have for any element collector!

iodine in liquid Xe

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Iodine ampoule acrylic cube

High purity 99,9% Iodine element 53 sample pellets sealed in ampoule and casted in acrylic cube. Pure Iodine element sample.Dimensions: 50x50x50mmTechnologies: diamond cut for a self-standing pose, laser engraved and colored name and symbol. Pure Iodine ampoule for element collection, laboratory use and display.


Iodine acrylic

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