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high purity Mercury metal, liquid mercury sealed ampoule and resina casting vial, buy mercury metal element 80







Mercury is the an incredible metal with chemical symbol Hg and atomic number 80.

Mercury is liquid and silvery white metal at normal pressure and temperature, it is very dangerous for health, but you can store easily in sealed glass ampoule or vial with cap. 

Mercury metal can be sold only in small quantities and perfectly sealed, now is very rare to find it. 

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Mercury liquid metal 99,99% 2 grams sealed ampoule and vial

High purity Mercury liquid metal approx. 2 grams sealed in mini ampoule and placed inside our glass vial with colored label. It is the only safe way to store mercury for element collectors. High purity mercury element 80 pure sample. More quantity available under request also in big ampoule or glass vial.

Mercury liquid metal is now more rare than gold, soon will be not possible to find it everywhere, get your safe sample now!

Choose the resin casting option form the scroll down menu below if you want to be this sample completely sealed and unbreakable!

Mercury 99,99% 5g

44,90 €

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