noble gases set, novaelements

Complete Noble Gases set:

complete noble gases set

high purity noble gases set: Helium 99,9%, Neon 99,9%, Argon 99,9%, Kripton 99,9%, Xenon 99,9% in glass ampoules inside glass vials. Pure noble gases element set. NOTE: THE LABEL FOR THE KRYPTON IS NOW CORRECT. 

These gases CAN NOT be lighted with high voltage transformer because they are at standard pressure (1 atm). 

if you are looking for gases that can be lighted up, please find the items below.

noble gases vials set
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Noble gases set, LOW PRESSURE atmosphere

Each gases comes inside our amazing labeled glass vial as usual. Each gases can be lighted up with a high voltage transformer 2kV or with a simple Tesla bulb, not on sale here. Purity of each gases is 99,99%.

noble gases set low pressure
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