Payment methods:

As shown at the end of each page we accept PayPal, which it represent the easiest and fastest way to make and receive payments in all the values.  With PayPal you can pay without any registration, using your credit cards, bank account and more. 

We also accept payment through Bank Transfer (SEPA only), which generally takes from 2 to 5 working days to be cleared in our bank account. When your payment will be charged to our bank account we will process your order. 

Please to know how to buy go to that section.

current values

Our website accept all of the international values, like US dollars, Australian Dollars, GBP, euros and more even if the price of every item on our website is showed in EUROS (€) cause we are Italian. But don't worry because we use

PayPal and all the values will be converted into euros before to buy directly by PayPal itself,  in that way you'll know how much you'll pay exactly.

In the middle of 2017 we will introduce new values inside the website such as US dollars, GBP, and many other.