complete rare earth metals set, novaelements


Periodic Table Elements, set of 79 elements

This set includes all the PERIODIC TABLE elements, in the same quantity as showed on the relatives pages of each element.

Includes no. 79 elements and are NOT includes Cesium, Rubidium and radioactive elements. To add theme just ask us. 

In this set you will find all the halogens except Astatine, all the noble gases except Radon, all the lanthanides except Promethium (can be ordered separately as a watch hand), all the transition metals including noble metals (Rh, Pd, Os, Ir, Pt) in 0,5 grams pellet form, Au gold is in foil form but can be added in pellet form for an additional cost, is not included Technetium, are also included all the alkali-earth metals with Radium (has a watch hand which have radium paint the only source of Ra in the world).

Uranium, Thorium and Americium-241 can be added to this set for an additional cost.

Rubidium and Cesium can be added in 1 gram, 0,1 gram or more. 

To prepare this set we need 10 days at least. 

This set is the perfect gift for any science lover, student, teacher, classroom or chemist


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