As 33 Arsenic

pure Arsenic metal element 33 sample resina casting vial, element 33 sample.







Arsenic is a semi-metal element with chemical symbol As and atomic number 33. Arsenic is a silvery-grey solid at normal pressure and temperature, and easily oxidize turning black.

Arsenic is very dangerous for health and we can sell only inside a completely sealed ampoule of various dimensions (under request), and we can also put the ampoule inside a vial with label.


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Arsenic 0,5 grams 99,5% permanently sealed

Very rare arsenic semi-metal pieces 0,5 grams 99,5% permanently sealed in acrylic inside a glass vial with label. Pure arsenic element 33 sample. 

The sample will be well visible but not accessible for safety reason, available a sample argon sealed with metallic luster surface! 

Arsenic 0,5g in glass vial

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