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Periodic Table elements

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Samples in ampoule

On our site you will find many different elements sealed in vials under argon, in this way it prevents oxidation and your elements will shine forever.

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Amazing Samples

Many of our items are in different shapes, you can choose between crystals, pellets, ingots, and more.

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High Purity and High Quality

All our elements have a minimum purity of 99.9%. Many of them have purity 4N or 5N; we only sell elements of the highest quality and purity.

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Element Boxed set

From us you can find our elegant and amazing elements boxed sets, realized with high quality material.

Every element boxed sets is provided with a beautiful periodic table inside and a special book with incredibly high quality images of all the elements inside. 

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Custom items

Collect all the elements of the periodic table with us. We can realize for you custom made items and superb set of elements, like this in the left for a Russian friend.