Be 4 Beryllium

high purity Beryllium metal pellet in glass vial

Beryllium is the first element of the alkali-earths metals group with chemical symbol Be and atomic number 4. It is a solid and grey metal at normal pressure and temperature, it is very strong to cut or break.  

We suggest this element at the purity of 99,9% in a 5 mL glass vial with about 1,5 cm of diameter. 

Usually we put inside 0,5 gram of pure Beryllium metal with very shiny surface like you can see in our picture on the right, but you can buy more beryllium of different weight, shapes and sizes below.

Normally available in 1 day, order your Beryllium metal sample!

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Beryllium metal 99,9% 0.5 grams

High purity Beryllium metal 0.5 grams 99,9% in glass vial with label. Pure Element 4 sample, shiny pieces.

Beryllium 0,5 grams vial

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