Bi 83 Bismuth

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Bismuth is the last transition metal with chemical symbol Bi and atomic number 83. It is a solid and silvery-grey metal at standard pressure and temperature, it is very strong to cut but you can break easily with a hammer. Bismuth is mostly used in low-melting alloys. In pure form it can grow beautiful crystals. It has long been thought to be the last stable element, but in 2003 its radioactivity was discovered. The natural isotope 209Bi has an extremely long half life (19 quintillion years) and therefore is harmless even in large quantities.


Bismuth metal pieces 10 grams 99,99%

High purity Bismuth metal shiny pieces, element 83 sample of 10 grams in glass vial with label of the chemical symbol of the element in the top the cap. Pure Bismuth metal sample.

Bismuth 10g

6,50 €

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Bismuth metal rod 10x20mm 99,99% 15.3 grams

High purity Bismuth metal shiny rod, element 83 sample, 15.3 grams 99,99%. 

Dimensions: 10x20mm

Bismuth rod

38,90 €

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