B 5 Boron

high purity Boron crystals element sample



Boron is  a metalloid element (more non metal then metal) with chemical symbol B and atomic number 5. It is solid and black at normal pressure and temperature, it is easily to break with a hammer. Boron is not a very frequent element and is found in nature only in compounds together with oxygen. Crystalline Boron, which is shown here, is nearly as hard as diamond (9.5 on Mohs scale, diamond has 10). Boron has a different biological functions. Boron compounds have many, often very special applications, a common one is B2O3 for borosilicate glass. Most famous are the perborates as bleach and as washing agent. Because of their bad biodegradability the use of perborates has gone back. 

Boron metal 0.5 gram crystals in glass vial 99,99%

High purity crystalline Boron semi-metal element 5 sample of 0.5 gram in glass vial. Pure Boron crystals element.

Boron crystalline 0,5g

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Boron element 5 sample casted in acrylic cube

Cube's dimensions: 50x50mm

Material: High Quality Polymers

Technology: Laser Engraved Name and Symbol colored (Black); Self-standing cube, the first cube which is realized in way to be placed in the side of any observer, Nova Elements patented ®


Boron acrylic cube
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Boron metal rod 10x20mm 99,9% 2 grams

High purity Boron rod element 5 sample 2 grams 99,9%.

Dimensions: 10x20mm

Boron rod

219,90 €

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