Br 35 Bromine

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Bromine is an element of the halogen family with chemical symbol Br and atomic number 35. The halogen family consists of F2, Cl2, Br2, I2, At2.

Bromine is a red highly volatile liquid at normal pressure and temperature, it is very dangerous for health and must be placed in a sealed ampoule only.

Bromine is very corrosive and its compounds are toxic, they are widely used in flame retardants. Bromine is quite abundant in sea water, some marine organisms need bromides to life. Bromine and mercury are the only elements that are liquid at standard conditions. 

Bromine keychain

Amazing keychain with a nice and perfectly casted bromine ampoule inside. It is a must have for any science lover. It is completely safe.

Bromine keychain
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Bromine mini ampoule 99% 1mL

High purity and absolutely rare mini Bromine liquid ampoule, element 35 sample of the periodic table. Sealed in ampoule and labeled glass vial.

Bromine sample for element collection or laboratory use only. You can find these mini ampoules only here.

Bromine ampoule

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Bromine ampoule in 25mm acrylic cube

NEW high purity Bromine ampoule cast inside the new 25mm acrylic cube. Pure and completely safe sample of Bromine element sample for collection and display.

Bromine ampoule 25mm acrylic cube

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