Dy 66 Dysprosium

high purity Dysprosium metal dendritic piece. buy dysprosium.




Dysprosium is one of the Lanthanides metals with chemical symbol Dy and atomic number 66. It is a solid and silvery-white metal at normal pressure and temperature, it's a very strong metal.

We supply Dysprosium at the purity of 99,95%.


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Dysprosium metal shiny sample of 1 gram 99,95% in glass vial

High Purity Dysprosium metal element shiny pieces of 1 gram in beautiful glass vial. Pure Dysprosium metal sample.

Dysprosium 1g

7,50 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Dysprosium metal shiny piece 99,99% acrylic cube

High Purity Dysprosium metal element shiny pieces casted in acrylic cube. Pure element 66 of the periodic table. 

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm

Dysprosium acrylic
59,90 € 2

44,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

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