periodic table of elements set

The Periodic Table of Elements Set includes all the possibles and collectibles elements of the periodic table, each element is stored in a high quality glass vial made in United Kingdom and professionally labeled. Each label, protected by copyright and international patent, shows the most important chemical physical infos of the element.

The Periodic Table of Elements Set can be used and brought everywhere there is a need, many of our customers use this in classrooms to teach chemistry, physics and natural science. It is an amazing gift for any science lover, chemistry student, professor. It is a nice business card for any laboratory, museums, university's projects. 

To complete the set we suggest you to add also the Portable Acrylic Periodic Table Case for sale here.

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Periodic Table of Elements, various sets


Our incredible sets for any science student, lover, museum, school, university and laboratories. 


The 82 elements set includes all the natural PERIODIC TABLE elements, in the same quantity as showed on the relatives pages of each element of our website.

In this set you will find all the halogens except Astatine, all the noble gases except Radon, all the lanthanides except Promethium, all the transition metals including noble metals (Pt, Rh, Os, Ir, Pd) in 0.1 gram crystals form (may vary),  while Au is in foil form 24K, are also includes all the alkali-earth metals with a representative sample of Radium (has a watch hand), this set includes Cs and Rb in mini ampoules.


Up to 86 elements can be prepared in a single set, just ask us! 


complete periodic table set

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