Ferrofluid kit

Awesome new Ferro Fluid Kit for science experiments! perfect for teachers and classrooms, but even for science enthusiast! 

The set include one big vial, with a nice amount of Ferro Fluid and x2 Neodymium magnets! Watch the video below, how funny is to play with it!


ferrofluid kit

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Gallium tea spoon experiment Kit

This is a kit composed by:

  1. spoon mold
  2. syringe
  3. 20 grams Gallium 99.995% bottle 

the Gallium in the kit can be reused several time, instructions for the experiment inside the kit. 

The experiment: to prepare a gallium spoon with the mold and to let melt the metal spoon in a cup of hot water (or tea) to surprise your spectators. 


Gallium spoon kit
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NEW!!! Flame Test Kit (all inclusive)

The most famous chemical laboratory experiment test, now available for anyone! The set includes 8-9 compounds in small bottles labeled with the symbols of the following cations Co, Ni, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Li, K, with addition of Na (as kitchen salt), and sometime replaced also from Ca, Sr salts. Inside the set you find also the Nickel wire glass wand, the bunsen burner (without the gas canister) and a pair of hand gloves. You must buy separately only the gas canister in your city because that can not be shipped internationally (usually it costs only 3-5 euros). And you are done, all the necessary to see how different cations have different colors when burned, due to the state of excitement of each cations. Buyer must be 18 years old, children must be monitored from an adult. it is recommended to use eye protection while running the experiments. Wash the Nickel glass wand with alcohol every time you take another salt in. instructions are included in the kit.

flame test kit (all inclusive)

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