He 2 Helium

high purity Helium gas ampoule 99,999%, only from novaelements.com

Helium is the second element of the periodic table with chemical symbol He and atomic number 2. Is also a non-metal elements belonging to the Noble Gases group. He is a gas at normal pressure and temperature and unlike Hydrogen is no danger. Is the unique component of the airship gas since the fire of the famous airship Hindenburg caused some people death, this airship was filled with pure Hydrogen gas.


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Helium gas 99,9% mini ampoule standard pressure

Pure Helium gas element 2 sample in mini ampoule inside glass vial with label. Pure Helium

Dimensions of the ampoules 3cm of length x 0.7cm of diameter

Helium in glass vial

9,90 €

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Helium 99,99% LOW PRESSURE

High purity Helium gas in low pressure, it can be illuminated with a 2kW transformer, as showed in the picture, the transformer is not includes, ask us to buy it. You will find this incredible ampoules only here.

Helium low pressure

14,90 €

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