H 1 Hydrogen

high purity Hydrogen discharge lamp, only from novaelements

Hydrogen is the first Element of the periodic table with chemical symbol H and atomic number 1. It is a gas at normal pressure and temperature and it is highly flammable.

We supply this element at the purity of 99,999% in a 10cm long ampoule and about 2cm of diameter.

We use the low pressure atmosphere inside the ampoule, in this way you can easily light the Hydrogen inside the ampoule with a simple 2kV high voltage transformer, which you can buy online (amazon, eBay). Ask us for this kind of ampoules.

Hydrogen gas +99% standard pressure

Pure Hydrogen gas +99% in mini ampoule inside a glass vial with label. Hydrogen gas element 1 sample in vial. It cannot be lighted up!

Hydrogen gas
8,90 € 2

8,10 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Hydrogen 99,99% LOW PRESSURE

Pure Hydrogen gas 99,99% LOW PRESSURE, can be lighted up with a 2kV transformer or with the Tesla bulb toy. The sample comes in mini ampoule inside a glass vial with label. Hydrogen gas element 1 sample

Hydrogen gas

14,90 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Deuterium Oxide D2O

Pure Deuterium Oxide D2O, heavy water, very rare sample, must have for every element collector. Deuterium is the second isotope of Hydrogen and deuterium oxide is his compound with oxygen similar to H2O but more heavy and expensive!

Deuterium oxide

19,90 €

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Tritium ampoules

ULTRA RARE Tritium isotope of Hydrogen sample, different colors available, self light samples, it glows in the dark without any irradiation! Tritium is a beta-light emitter. Only 5 samples available! These are REAL sample of Tritium T2 !!! The sample will come inside our glass vial with label T2 Tritium! 

Hydrogen gas

99,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 2-3 weeks1

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