Ir 77 Iridium

shiny Iridium metal piece 99,99%

Iridium is a very hard, heavy, rare and expensive silvery metal and the most noble of all metals. It hardly reacts, but as a fine powder it is flammable. It is used is special alloys and as a catalyst. Crucibles for high temperature applications are made of iridium. The meteorite, which 65 million years ago played a key role in the extinction of the dinosaurs, contained relatively much iridium. This can still be observed in sediment layers from this time.

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Iridium metal pellet 4N 99,99% 1 gram approx. LIMITED QUANTITY!!!

high purity Iridium metal 99,99% weight between 0.8 and 1.10 grams, pellet in glass vial with colored label. Pure element 77 sample. Lead time: 10-14 days


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