La 57 Lanthanum

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Lanthanum metal is a white-silvery material at standard pressure and temperature. Lanthanum metal easily reacts with air forming a black patin surface. Lanthanum metal is the prototype for the lanthanides (elements  from 58 to 71). Like these, it is silvery in color and quite soft. If counted among them, Lanthanum metal is the most reactive of those and the one with the highest atomic diameter. Lanthanum salts are used in optical lenses, alloys for special applications and in some batteries. In nature, Lanthanum always occurs in compounds.

Lanthanum metal 1 gram 99.9%

High Purity Lanthanum metal sample of 1 gram in labeled glass vial under mineral oil. Pure Lanthanum metal for element collection. 

Lanthanum 1g

5,90 €

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Lanthanum metal 5 grams 99.95% argon sealed

High Purity Lanthanum metal sample of 5 grams in argon sealed ampoule. The sample of La will shine forever, it is completely oxide free. Pure Lanthanum metal for element collection and display.

Lanthanum 5g argon

39,90 €

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