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pure lead metal in ampoule under vacuum, buy lead metal




Lead is a metallic element with chemical symbol Pb and atomic number 82.

Lead is a solid and silvery white metal at normal pressure and temperature, it is very malleable and you can cut easily with a nippers. It oxidizes in the air making a black film of oxide. Lead is also easy to melt using a bunsen burner, exactly like Tin metal. Lead is another heavy metal, it is dangerous, manage only with gloves. 

Lead metal pellets 10 grams 99,99%

High Purity Lead metal pellets, element 82 sample of 10 grams in glass vial. Very beautiful and shiny pellets. Pure Element 82 sample.

Lead pellets 10g vial

5,90 €

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Lead pellets Acrylic Cube

High Purity Lead metal pellets, element 82 sample casted inside an Acrylic cube. Pure Element 82 sample of the periodic table. 

Dimensions of the cube: 50x50x50mm

Diamond cut for a self-standing pose, laser engraved and colored name and symbol

Lead acrylic cube
49,90 € 2

34,90 €

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Lead metal chunks >10 grams shiny 99,99% in glass vial

High purity Lead metal, shiny chunks cut from an ingot, purity 99,99%, 10 grams sample inside a glass vial. Pure Lead metal ingot sample.

Lead metal chunks 10g

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