Lu 71 Lutetium

shiny Lutetium metal pieces element 71 sample




Lutetium is the last of the lanthanoids, the hardest of them, the one with the smallest atomic diameter, the rarest stable after thulium and the one which is most difficult to extract. Therefore it is rather expensive and is scarcely used. The natural occuring, radioactive 176Lu, which has a half-life of 38 billion years, is used to determine the age of meteorites.



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Lutetium metal 0.5 gram 99,95%

High purity Lutetium metal piece 0.5 grams of the element 71 sample in labeled glass vial.

Pure Lutetium metal sample.

Lutezio 1g

13,50 €

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Lutetium metal rod 10x20mm 99,9% 15.6 grams

High purity Lutetium metal shiny rod 15.6 grams of the element 71 sample, as in picture

Dimensions: 10x20mm

Lutezio 1g

219,90 €

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