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Nitrogen gas is an enormously important element with a versatile chemistry. Nitrogen gas is part of every protein. Our air consists to 78% of N2. The chemical bond between the two atoms in the nitrogen molecule is the strongest bond between two atoms of the same element. This makes elemental nitrogen (N2) a very stable and inert gas. Ammonia, NH3, is the most important base material for the nitrogen chemistry and is one of the most produced chemicals in the world. From this, for example fertilizers and explosives are made. On the right picture is showed the ionized nitrogen gas. That is possible when nitrogen gas is rarefied (or in low pressure atmosphere), using a high voltage transformer or simply using a Tesla Bulb for sale here.



Nitrogen gas standard pressure 99.9%

High purity Nitrogen gas mini ampoule in labeled glass vial 99.9% pure, this sample is under standard pressure and it can not be lighted up! 

Pure Nitrogen gas ampoule for element collection.

Nitrogen vial

9,90 €

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Nitrogen gas low pressure 99,99% (rarefied)

High purity and rarefied Nitrogen gas ampoule 99.99% pure in labeled glass vial, cause it is under low pressure atmosphere this sample of nitrogen gas can be lighted up with the Tesla bulb for sale here. Pure ionized Nitrogen gas ampoule for element collection.

Nitrogen rarefied

20,90 €

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Nitrogen rarefied gas ampoule keychain

Pure Nitrogen gas LOW PRESSURE ampoule cast in a keychain, can be light up with the Tesla bulb for sale here

A beautiful sample of Nitrogen to bring with yourself and surprise friends when light it up! Ionized Nitrogen sample in a keychain! 

Nitrogen rarefied keychain

29,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

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