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The Noble Metals are, exclusively, the most expensive metals and elements to collect. Noble Metals are so expensive for similar reasons, they are difficult to extract in the natural form they occur, usually minerals, like Osmium and Iridium, they are scarcely present in the Earth like Gold and Rhodium, they are the most inert metals and therefore they can be used in many industrial sectors. Rhodium price change everyday, its price is not stable like Gold price, the same thing affect Iridium and Palladium. So we decide to offer you the possibility to get these incredible expensive metals with a discounted price when bought in a set.  

Noble Metals Pd, Ag, Pt, Au Keychain

 A beautiful keychain with 4 noble metals leafs inside: Pd, Pt, Au, Ag. This is perfect for any science lover and chemistry addicted. 

noble metals set keychain

49,90 €

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Noble Metals foils set in fulfilled vial

This is an amazing noble metals set at affordable price! The set includes Au, Pt, Pd, Ag foil 99.9% min purity in a fulfilled vial with label. The set worths 72,60€ if you buy those elements separated. This is for collection use only. 


Please do not use any discount code on this item, otherwise the order will be canceled. thank you!

Noble metals set foil vials
72,60 € 2

59,90 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Complete Noble Metals Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Os, Ir, Pt, Au Keychain

 A beautiful keychain with all the 8 noble metals inside: Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Os, Ir, Pt, Au. This is perfect for any science lover and chemistry addicted. 

complete noble metals keychain

69,90 €

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Complete Noble Metals Set 0.1g

This set includes all the noble metals stored in our labeled glass vials:

  1. Rhenium metal 99.99% pure 0.5g
  2. Osmium metal 99.99% pure 0.1g with CoA
  3. Iridium metal 99.99% pure 0.1g
  4. Platinum metal 99.99% foil or 0.1g (upon availability)
  5. Gold metal foil 99.99% pure foil or 0.1g (upon availability)
  6. Ruthenium metal 99.99% pure 0.1g
  7. Rhodium metal 99.99% pure 5mm long strip or 0.1g (upon availability)
  8. Palladium metal 99.99% foil or 0.1g (upon availability)


Discount code can not be used on a discounted item like this one. 

Please Note: Due to the high volatile prices of the noble metals, we reserve the possibility to cancel the order and get you a refund if the price of one of the metals in the set is changed significantly.


complete noble metals set

399,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 3-7 days1

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