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Oxygen gas is a very reactive element. Oxygen gas is the most abundant element on Earth. Oxygen is part of very many natural compounds, in minerals as in organic material and of course in water, H2O. Combustion usually is a reaction of a material with oxygen. Elemental oxygen in the form of O2 is to 21% part of our air and it is used by humans and animals for respiration. Oxygen gas is also produced by plants doing photosynthesis, most of it by algae in the sea and by forests on land. O3 instead is ozone, a poisonous gas, which in a high atmospheric layer blocks otherwise deadly UV rays from the Sun. In the right picture is showed the ionized Oxygen gas. That is possible when the Oxygen gas is rarefied (or in low pressure atmosphere), using a high voltage transformer or simply using a Tesla Bulb for sale here.


Oxygen gas 99.9% standard pressure

Pure Oxygen gas  ampoule 99.9% pure in labeled glass vial. This sample of Oxygen gas is under standard pressure and can not be light up. Pure Oxygen gas ampoule for element collection

Oxygen vial

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Oxygen 99,99% rarefied gas

High purity rarefied Oxygen gas ampoule 99.99% pure sample in a glass vial with label. This sample of Oxygen gas is under low pressure atmosphere and can be light up with the Tesla bulb for sale here.

Pure ionized Oxygen gas ampoule for element collection

Oxygen rarefied

19,90 €

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Oxygen rarefied ampoule keychain

Pure Oxygen gas LOW PRESSURE ampoule cast in a keychain, can be light up with the Tesla bulb for sale here

A beautiful sample of Oxygen to bring with yourself and surprise friends when light it up! Ionized Oxygen sample in a keychain! 

Oxygen rarefied keychain

29,90 €

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