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The Rare-Earth Metals are, as their attribute says, rare! This because they are all found in one single mineral and the extraction of each of them is difficult, laborious and expensive. The Rare-Earth Metals consist of Scandium metal, Yttrium Metal, Lanthanum Metal, Cerium metal, Praseodymium metal, Neodymium Metal, Promethium metal, Samarium metal, Europium metal, Gadolinium metal, Terbium metal, Dysprosium metal, Holmium metal, Erbium metal, Thulium metal, Ytterbium metal and Lutetium metal, only Promethium is radioactive and it is not includes in this set. 

Complete Rare-Earths Metals Set (16 elements)

This set includes all the Rare-Earth Metals also called Lanthanides (including Scandium and Yttrium, since several years considered of this family), placed in our labeled glass vials. Rare-Earth Metals set for elements collection, display and laboratory use.

All the elements includes have purity from 99.95% to 99.99%

  1. Scandium 0.1 gram
  2. Yttrium 1 gram
  3. Lanthanum 1 gram
  4. Cerium 1 gram
  5. Praseodymium 1 gram
  6. Neodymium 1 gram
  7. Samarium 1 gram
  8. Europium 1 gram
  9. Gadolinium 1 gram
  10. Terbium 1 gram
  11. Dysprosium 1 gram
  12. Holmium 1 gram
  13. Erbium 1 gram
  14. Thulium 0.5 gram
  15. Ytterbium 1 gram
  16. Lutetium 0.5 gram

Finally available the portable desk acrylic case for this set!

rare-earth set
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Complete Rare-Earth Metals Set (16 elements) ARGON SEALED AMPOULES

This set includes all the Rare-Earth Metals samples also called Lanthanides (including Scandium and Yttrium) all sealed in ampoule under argon.

Rare-Earth Metals set for elements collection, display and laboratory use.

All the elements samples in this set are completely oxide free and shiny.

Sold with our standard labeled glass vials as pictures show, choose to add the portable desk table from the menu below

All the elements in this set have purity between 99.95% and 99.99%


  1. Scandium metal 1 gram
  2. Yttrium metal 1 gram
  3. Lanthanum metal 1 gram
  4. Cerium metal 1 gram
  5. Praseodymium metal 1 gram
  6. Neodymium metal 1 gram
  7. Samarium metal 1 gram
  8. Europium metal 1 gram
  9. Gadolinium metal 1 gram
  10. Terbium metal 1 gram
  11. Dysprosium metal 1 gram
  12. Holmium metal 1 gram
  13. Erbium metal 1 gram
  14. Thulium metal 1 gram
  15. Ytterbium metal 1 gram
  16. Lutetium metal 1 gram
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Rare-Earth metals density cubes set

The Set includes:

Sc, Y, Sm, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu

purity 99.9% min.

dimensions: 10x10x10mm

each cubes represent the theoretical density of the metal itself with a tolerance of ± 0.2 grams


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Rare-Earth metals density cubes set
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