Ru 44 Ruthenium

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Ruthenium metal belongs to the noble metals group.

Ruthenium metal is very hard and brittle and it is commonly used in alloys and as a catalyst. Similar to osmium, ruthenium tetroxide is very toxic, but regarding the pure metals ruthenium is less reactive than osmium. 


Ruthenium metal pellets 99.99%

High purity Ruthenium metal shiny pellets various weight in labeled glass vial. Pure Ruthenium metal for element collection and laboratory. 

Ruthenium 99,99% 0,5g

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Ruthenium metal 99,99% ACRYLIC CUBE 1 gram

High purity solid Ruthenium metal pellets casted in Acrylic Cube. Pure Ruthenium metal for element collection and display. 

This sample of Ruthenium metal contains 1 gram of shiny Ruthenium pellets, one of it is also anodized with colored surface.

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm

laser engraved name and symbol, with self-standing pose.

Ruthenium acrylic cube
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Ruthenium metal density cube 99.9% polished surface

Sensational Ruthenium metal standard density cube 10x10x10mm, 99.9% pure. The sample weighs 12.37 grams (with a tolerance of ± 0.1gram), which is the theoretical density of the Ruthenium metal itself. This cube is amazing for any science classrooms, schools, universities and collectors. Pure Ruthenium metal cube for element collection. 

Ruthenium density cube

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