Se 34 Selenium

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Selenium is a non metallic element with chemical symbol Se and atomic number 34.

Selenium is a black solid at normal pressure and temperature, it is easy to break with a hammer, but it's also dangerous for health and we recommend you don't touch it without gloves.


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Selenium pellets 5 grams in glass vial 99,99%

High purity Selenium element 34 sample, 5 grams pellets in beautiful glass vial with label. Pure Selenium metalloid element 34 sample.

Selenium pellets 5g

7,90 €

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Selenium pellets 99,99% various weights

High purity Selenium pellets, element 34 sample for research or collection.

Pure Selenium sample 

Packaging: plastic bag.

Selenium pellets 5g

29,90 €

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