S 16 Sulphur

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Sulphur or Sulfur is an element which is known since ancient times. Sulphur sometimes naturally occurs in its elemental form and as such often it is emitted in volcanic eruptions. Sulfur has a complex chemistry and it is essential to life. On the other hand, it has some very toxic and environmentally hazardous compounds. Notable are hydrogen sulfide, which gives rotten eggs their smell and sulfur dioxide and trioxide, which, when dissolved in water, give sulfurous acid and sulfuric acid. 

Sulphur pellets 10 grams 99,9%

High Purity Sulphur pellets sample of about 10 grams 99.9% in a fulfilled labeled glass vial. Pure Sulphur sample for element collection and laboratory use.

Sulphur pellets

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Fine Sulphur 99,999% powder 2 grams

Incredible high purity Sulphur element 16 sample of fine powder 99,999% in glass vial. Pure Sulphur element sample.

Sulphur powder 2g

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