Xe 54 Xenon

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Xenon gas is the most heavy and reactive noble gas (except for the radioactive radon) and it is the rarest non-radioactive element on earth. Therefore Xenon gas is very expensive. Xenon gas is primarily used in lamps, like in automobile headlights. Several xenon compounds are known, some of them are even quite stable. The compound first to be discovered was xenon tetrafluoride, XeF4, in 1962. 

In the right picture, even if xenon gas is colorless, when it is rarefied (low pressure ampoules) it can be ionized with an high voltage transformers or with a simple tesla bulb (for sale here).

Xenon gas ampoule 99,9% standard pressure

Pure and rare Xenon gas ampoule inside labeled glass vial. Pure Xenon gas ampoule for element collection.

This sample of xenon gas is under standard pressure and can not be light up!

Xenon ampolle

14,90 €

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Xenon gas 99,99% rarefied

High purity and rare Xenon gas ampoule inside labeled glass vial. Pure rarefied Xenon gas ampoule for element collection.

LOW PRESSURE ampoule, this xenon sample can be lighted up with a Tesla Bulb for sale here

Xenon rarefied

26,90 €

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Xenon rarefied gas ampoule keychain

Pure Xenon gas LOW PRESSURE ampoule cast in a keychain, can be light up with the Tesla bulb for sale here

A beautiful sample of Xenon to bring with yourself and surprise friends when light it up! Ionized Xenon sample in a keychain! 

Xenon rarefied keychain

36,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Liquid Xenon 99,99%

Pure and rare sample of Liquid Xenon 99,99% in mini ampoule inside labeled glass vial. Pure liquid Xenon sample for element collection.


Xenon liquid

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