Cd 48 Cadmium

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Cadmium metal is one of the transition metals. Cadmium metal is widely used in the nickel-cadmium batteries and also in the plating of hooks and latches especially in some airplanes part. It's plating is very corrosion-resistant.

The Yellow of Cadmium it's loved by many impressionists for its intense tonality.  However Cadmium is highly toxic, like other heavy metals. Even if sold in small quantities it is absolutely obliged to don't touch it without latex gloves.


Cadmium metal shiny pieces 3 grams 99,99% in glass vial

High purity Cadmium metal element 48 sample of 3 grams in glass vial. Pure cadmium metal sample for element collection.

The resina casting option prevent the oxidization of the sample.

Cadmium 3g vial

9,90 €

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Cadmium metal density cube 99.99%

Beautiful and shiny Cadmium metal standard density cube 10x10x10mm, 99.99% pure. Sample weighs about 8.6 grams which is the theoretical density of the Cadmium metal itself. This cube is amazing for any science classrooms, schools, universities and collectors. Pure Cadmium metal cube for element collection.

It must be handled with gloves!

Cadmium density cube

49,90 €

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