Tc 43 Technetium

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Technetium metal is the first element without stable isotopes. In Earth's crust technetium metal exists due to natural uranium decay, on Earth's surface as consequence of nuclear explosions. The long-lived isotope 98Tc has a half-life of 4.3 million years, which makes technetium moderately good researchable. Technetium metal is a silvery, hard, relatively noble metal with attributes similar to rhenium. Technetium has its most important application in medicine, where the isomer Tc-99 is a main substance for radio-diagnosis. It was discovered in Palermo (Italy) by Emilio Segrè, and it was made synthetically.

Real Technetium metal sample (Tc99) 4x2mm strip

Pure, real and absolutely rare Technetium metal sample for element collection. Technetium 99 (Tc99) isotope, few micrograms deposited upon an Re or Au metal strip, argon sealed ampoule in labeled glass vial. This is a must have for every element collectors. Pure Technetium metal sample for collection.

Certificate of Authenticity will be sent with the sample. The sample is completely safe to store and watch as it is a sample of few micrograms with absolutely low activity. It is a beta emitter and the small activity is completely shield by the glass ampoule.

Tc99 sample

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