Tc 43 Technetium

absolutely rare technetium metal in ampoule, only from

Technetium is the first element without stable isotopes. In Earth's crust it exists due to natural uranium decay, on Earth's surface as consequence of nuclear explosions. The long-lived isotope 98Tc has a half-life of 4.3 million years, which makes technetium moderately good researchable. It is a silvery, hard, relatively noble metal with attributes similar to rhenium. It has its most important application in medicine, where the isomer 99mTc is a main substance for radio diagnosis. This is made synthetically. 

Technetium metal strip, in ampoule under argon. LAST ONE!!!

This is a real Tc metal sample, Tc-99, in foil/strip form sealed in ampoule under argon and placed inside our glass vial with label. Pure sample of the element 43. Technetium is absolutely rare, we don't think we have it again. CONTACT US TO BUY.

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Technetium sample

Sometimes we have a Tc sample, metallic or compound, it is absolutely rare, please ask us if you are interested, we can add you to a preorder list for this element. This in picture is a compound of Tc. Must have for every element collectors!

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