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Titanium metal is a grey, light, but very strong material. Titanium metal is quite frequent, but hard to extract, which makes it fairly expensive. Titanium metal is used a lot for technical components and steels. Much better available than the metal itself is titanium dioxide, TiO2, the most widely used white pigment, which you can see on nearly every white painted wall. Titanium dioxide is one of the thermic most enduring molecules and one of only a few that can be found in some stars.

Titanium metal crystalline 1 gram 99.9%

High purity Titanium metal 99.9% in crystalline form sample of 1 gram sample in labeled glass vial. Pure Titanium crystalline sample for element collection.

Titanium 1g

6,90 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Titanium metal density cube 99.95%

Amazing Titanium metal standard density cube 10x10x10mm, 99.95% pure. Sample weighs 4.5 grams which is the density of the Titanium metal element. This cube is amazing for any science classrooms, schools, universities and collectors. Pure Titanium metal cube for element collection.

Titanium cube

12,50 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Titanium metal rod 99.95%

High purity Titanium metal rod 99.95% pure rod. Pure Titanium metal rod for element collection.

Weight: 7 grams

Dimensions: 20x10mm

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Titanium rod

39,90 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 2-3 weeks1

Titanium metal pellets 5 grams 99,9%

High purity Titanium metal shiny pellets 99,9% 5 grams in beautiful glass vial. Pure Titanium metal sample. 

Titanium 5g

7,20 €

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Titanium keychain

A beautiful keychain with a piece of Titanium metal in it. it's perfect for any science lover and chemistry addicted. 

Titanium keychain

24,28 €

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Titanium metal BIG ROD 99%

Pure Titanium metal BIG ROD 99%, about 4 cm long, in beautiful labeled glass vial. Pure Titanium metal sample for element collection

Titanium rod vial

8,42 €

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