Sm 62 Samarium

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Samarium metal is one of the rare-earth metals, also called lanthanides. Samarium metal is a shiny-silvery material highly  air-sensitive, in fact samarium metal, easily oxidized in air forming a black patin surface and when it is left for a long exposure to the air it completely turns in its oxides. Samarium metal has some very special applications, e.g. in lasers and for magnets. Samarium can easily change between the oxidation states II and III, where it has a very strong red and respectively yellow color.


Samarium metal 99.9% 1 gram shiny dendritic piece

High purity Samarium metal shiny dendritic piece/s, a sample of 1 gram in labeled glass vial under high purity mineral oil to prevent oxidization. Pure Samarium metal for element collection.

Samarium 1 gram shiny under oil

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Samarium metal shiny oxide free 1 gram 99.95% argon sealed and vial

High purity Samarium metal shiny, oxide free, sample 1 gram argon sealed ampoule and labeled glass vial. Pure and shiny Samarium metal for element collection and laboratory. 

Samarium argon and vial

21,90 €

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Samarium metal density cube 99.95% 10mm

Amazing Samarium metal standard density cube 10x10x10mm, 99.99% pure. The sample weighs 7.5 grams (with a tolerance of ± 0.1gram), which is the theoretical density of the Samarium metal itself. This cube is amazing for any science classrooms, schools, universities and collectors. Pure Samarium metal cube for element collection.

Samarium density cube

29,90 €

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Samarium metal 99.9% 5 grams argon sealed ampoule

High purity Samarium metal dendritic sample of 5 grams in argon sealed ampoule. Pure Samarium metal for element collection and display.

This sample of Sm will shine forever, it is completely oxide free. it is must for every element collector.


Samarium 5g argon

69,90 €

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