new acrylic elements cubes

Nova Elements introduces the new Acrylic Elements Cubes.

Each acrylic cube exalts the beauty of the element inside, this is a must have for a beautiful collection of elements. Our Acrylic Elements Cubes are handcrafted, each cube is perfectly shaped, clear and transparent.

We will add new cubes for all the collectible elements every 1-2 months.

We have now 2 dimensions for the acrylic cubes: 25mm and 50mm.

The new cubes dimensions of 25mm let the cubes of elements being more affordable, so that anyone could start an element cubes collection with us!

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25mm acrylic cubes



We're proud to announce our latest creation!

A full 118 acrylic elements cubes set with case! Now available here!

Periodic Table of Elements Display for acrylic 25mm and 25.4 mm (1 inch) cubes, table only


This is our brand new Periodic Table of Elements acrylic case for our made-in-house 1 inch elements cubes, and now it is also suitable for our 25 acrylic element cubes, as you can see from the pictures we have placed both the 1 inch metals cubes and the 25mm acrylic element cubes in it! You can use it to store 1 inch metals cubes, 25mm acrylic element cubes or both of them! 

We realized this new table with the best quality acrylic, we engraved elements symbols and atomic numbers in each spot, now you don't have get worried by don't fulfill the collection, you can now mix the 1 inch metals cubes with the newest 25mm acrylic element cubes, in that way you'll have Hg, Br, F, Cl and many other non metals samples in a perfectly shaped 25mm acrylic cube that fits its own spot on this table!

The table is strong, but also portable and can be placed in a desk and transported easily! 


Dimensions of the table: 60x30x5 cm 


Actually no cubes are included in this offer, we'll add some cubes set soon! 


Watch the video below!


periodic table case 1 inch cubes

149,90 €

  • 2,05 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

NEW 50mm acrylic cubes

Theodore Gray Author of the best seller book "The Elements" loves NovaElements acrylic cubes
Theodore Gray Author of the best seller book "The Elements" loves NovaElements acrylic cubes