Rare earths Boxed set

This is a great value Rare-Earths acrylic case set, including 16 elements of the periodic table belongs to the Lanthanides group. The Elements includes in this set are Scandium metal, Yttrium metal, Lanthanum metal, Cerium metal, Praseodymium metal, Neodymium metal, Samarium metal, Europium metal, Gadolinium metal ,Terbium metal, Erbium metal, Dysprosium metal, Holmium metal, Thulium metal, Ytterbium metal and Lutetium metal, everything placed in a labeled glass vial. You can bring the rare-earth acrylic case wherever you want, it is perfect to safely store and show the rare-earth elements in any classrooms, events, museums and universities.

How it looks in a desk?! Professional!

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Rare-Earths Acrylic Case

High quality material, resistant acrylic case, very light and easy portable, this is the brand new Rare-Earth Metals Set Case, alone or with 16 rare-earths metals !

The 16 rare-earth metals inside are from Scandium to Lutetium, no Pm inside. 


The Rare-Earth Metals are the following :

  1. Scandium 99,99%
  2. Yttrium 99,9%
  3. Lanthanum 99,9%
  4. Cerium 99,9%
  5. Praseodymium 99,9%
  6. Neodymium
  7. Samarium 99,9%
  8. Europium 99,9%
  9. Gadolinium 99,9%
  10. Terbium 99,99%
  11. Dysprosium 99,9%
  12. Holmium 99,99%
  13. Erbium 99,99%
  14. Thulium 99,99%
  15. Ytterbium 99,99%
  16. Lutetium 99,9%  


The case is very elegant and light, it is perfect for any desk or science classroom as well to stand in your room! 

Rare Earth acrylic case

19,90 €

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