1 inch elements cubes

 1 inch Elements Cubes made by Nova Elements.

Up to 53 Elements of the Periodic Table, machined and forged, to obtain cubes having dimensions 25.4x25.4x25.4mm (1inch). Our Elements 1 inch Cubes are not only lovely but also scientifically interesting (you can use these cubes for any science lessons, laboratories, exhibitions and events in museums, schools and universities).

Furthermore after buying one, you'll be so impressed and in love with them, that you'll want them all! 

Actually, due to the known technologies, it's possible to prepare up to 53 metals cubes.

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Periodic Table of Elements 1 inch cubes

This is our brand new Periodic Table of Elements acrylic case for our made-in-house 1 inch elements cubes! We realized it with the best quality acrylic blocks, we engraved element's name, symbol and atomic number in each spot, we created the spot for all the cubes you can collect,  in that way there will be no empty space for the gases or other impossible to get elements cubes (like mercury for example!).

This awesome transparent and completely clear acrylic case for metals cubes can be placed upon a table/desk but you can also fix it to the wall! (as shown in the first picture). Easy installation to the wall with the 4 inox joints and all the necessary equipment included in the order! 


Dimensions of the table: 51x23.5x5 cm 


Actually no cubes are included in this offer, we'll add some table + metals cubes set soon! 


PRE-ORDER IT NOW! We are yet producing these tables, we'll ship them in 60 days. 

periodic table case 1 inch cubes

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