As 33 Arsenic

pure Arsenic metal element 33 sample resina casting vial, element 33 sample.






Arsenic is a metalloid element with chemical symbol As and atomic number 33. Arsenic is a silvery-grey solid at normal pressure and temperature, and easily oxidize turning black.

It was and is still used as a pharmaceutical and was the main ingredient in the first chemotherapy. Today, it is mainly used in lead alloys and for special semiconductors.

Arsenic is very dangerous for health and we sell only a very small sample completely resina casted inside a labeled glass vial (picture on the right).



Arsenic 0,5 grams 99,5% permanently sealed

Very rare arsenic semi-metal pieces 0,5 grams 99,5% permanently sealed in acrylic inside a glass vial with label. Pure arsenic element 33 sample. 

The sample will be well visible but not accessible for safety reason, it is available also argon sealed with metallic luster surface! 

Arsenic 0,5g in glass vial

39,90 €

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