Kr 36 Krypton

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The noble gas Krypton is very rare on earth, but much more abundant in space. Krypton gas has some use in laser technology and in lamps, where it makes a bright white light. The radioactive 85Kr, which has a half-life of just under eleven years, is emitted by nuclear reprocessing plants in significant amounts. In the right picture an ionized krypton gas ampoule, you can light up only the rarefied (low pressure) krypton ampoule using a Tesla Bulb for sale here.



Krypton gas ampoule 99,9% standard pressure

High purity Krypton gas ampoule inside a labeled glass vial. Pure krypton gas ampoule for element collection.

Krypton ampoule

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Krypton gas 99,99% rarefied

High purity Krypton gas ampoule inside a labeled glass vial. Pure krypton gas ampoule for element collection.

LOW PRESSURE ampoule, this sample of krypton gas can be light up  with a Tesla bulb for sale here.

Krypton ampoule rarefied

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Krypton gas rarefied ampoule keychain

Pure Krypton gas LOW PRESSURE ampoule cast in a keychain, can be light up with the Tesla bulb for sale here

A beautiful sample of Krypton to bring with yourself and surprise friends when light it up! Ionized Krypton sample in a keychain! 


Krypton rarefied keychain

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