Nb 41 Niobium

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Niobium is a transition metal has chemical symbol Nb and atomic number 41.

Niobium is a rare, soft, grey metal, which, when exposed to air, quickly forms a protective oxide layer. It is not used widely, one application is as additive to superalloys, which have to withstand very high temperatures. Furthermore, it is sometimes used as mint metal for special coinages, because it can be anodized to form a colored oxide layer. The thickness of the oxide layer determines its color.


Niobium metal small crystals 99,99%

High purity Niobium metal small crystals 99,99% inside labeled glass vial, shiny 1 gram. Pure element 41 sample.

Niobium pieces

5,90 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Niobium colored piece 99,9% Acrylic Cube

High purity Niobium metal colored big piece 99,9% casted in Acrylic Cube. Pure element 41 sample of the periodic table. 

Dimensions of the cube: 50x50x50mm

Diamond cut for a self-standing pose, laser engraved and colored name and symbol

Niobium acrylic cube
69,90 € 2

34,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Niobium metal rod 99.95%

High purity Niobium metal rod 99.95%, pure element 41 Nb sample. 

Weight: 13 grams

Dimensions: 20x10mm

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Niobium pieces

38,90 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 2-3 weeks1

Niobium metal big crystals 99,99% 25 grams

High purity Niobium metal element 41 sample. BIG crystals 99,99%.

Packaging: 25 grams in plastic bag

Very Rare Niobium crystals sample.

Niobium pieces

99,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 2-3 weeks1

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