Nb 41 Niobium

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Niobium is a transition metal has chemical symbol Nb and atomic number 41.

Niobium is a rare, soft, grey metal, which, when exposed to air, quickly forms a protective oxide layer. It is not used widely, one application is as additive to superalloys, which have to withstand very high temperatures. Furthermore, it is sometimes used as mint metal for special coinages, because it can be anodized to form a colored oxide layer. The thickness of the oxide layer determines its color.

We supply this element at the purity of 99,95% in a 7 mL glass vial with about 2 cm of diameter.

Normally available in 1 day. You can order niobium metal sample below.

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Niobium metal 99,99% pellets various weight in glass vial

Niobium metal 99,99% pellet in glass vial with label, choose the quantity in the scroll down menu. Pure Niobium metal element 41sample.

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Niobium metal 99,99% BIG pellets various weight in glass vial

High purity Niobium metal pellet in glass vial, big pellet choose from the scroll down menu!

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