N 7 Nitrogen

high purity Nitrogen gas ampoule 99,999%

Nitrogen is the one of the non-metal elements with chemical symbol N and atomic number 7. It is a colorless gas at normal pressure and temperature, it is the major component of the atmosphere, is considered an inert gas.

Nitrogen it frequently used in exciting experiments at the temperature of -210°C in liquid form to freeze everything, and to demonstrate some physical laws. You can see these on YouTube searching "liquid Nitrogen experiments".  

We suggest this element at the purity of 99,999% in a 10 cm long ampoule and 2 cm of diameter.

We use the low pressure gas to light it easily with a 2kV transformer, which you can find on amazon. You can see this in our pictures. 

Nitrogen gas mini ampoule in vial 99,9%

High purity Nitrogen gas mini ampoule in glass vial, element 7 sample 99,9%. standard pressure, it cannot be lighted up! 

Nitrogen vial
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Nitrogen 99,99% LOW PRESSURE

High purity Nitrogen 99,99% gas mini ampoule in glass vial, element 7 sample. LOW PRESSURE, can be lighted up with a 2kV transformer or with the Tesla bulb toy.

Nitrogen vial

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