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Radium is a ignoble metal, which chemically is very similar to barium. Radium metal is radioactive, the most stable isotope, 226Ra, has a half-life of 1602 years and decays to radon. Radium metal was discovered by Marie Curie and played an important role in the earliest research of radioactivity. Up to the late 1920s, Radium was treated quite unscrupulously and was even promoted as being healthy. A popular application was for self-luminous paint in clock dials until the 1960s. Today radium is hardly used for anything, except in very small amounts for research. Natural radium is produced in the decay chain of uranium from thorium.

Radium clock hands can be collected in safe way sealed in ampoule and permanently casted in resina.


Radium Watch Hand sealed ampoule and vial

Absolutely rare Radium watch hand restored from 1950's. Limited quantity available. This watch hand lights in the dark only with an UV bulb, this sample actually emits small quantity of radiations and comes completely sealed in ampoules to shield those radiations.

Radium 1 watch hand sealed ampoule
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This is a purified Radium powder paint as representative pure radiological sample of Ra.



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