Tb 65 Terbium

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 Terbium metal is a relatively resistant lanthanoid. Terbium metal has some special technical applications, especially in optoelectronics. Terbium(III)-ions can fluoresce very good in green and yellow, so terbium metal is used in in CRT television sets, similar to europium metal.

Terbium metal 1 gram 99,9%

High purity Terbium metal element 65 sample of 1 gram shiny in labeled glass vial. Pure Terbium metal for element collection.

Terbium 1g

8,50 €

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Terbium metal 99.95% ACRYLIC CUBE

Terbium metal element 66 sample casted in acrylic cube

Cube's dimensions: 50x50mm

Material: High Quality Polymers

Technology: Laser Engraved Name and Symbol colored (Black); Self-standing cube, the first cube which is realized in way to be placed in the side of any observer, Nova Elements patented

Pure Terbium metal for element collection.

Terbium acrylic cube
44,90 € 2

32,90 €

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