V 23 Vanadium

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Vanadium metal is a soft, malleable material, which, when exposed to air, forms a hard, protective and colored oxide layer. Vanadium metal is mainly used in steel alloys. A common product, which many people have at home, is a chrome vanadium steel screwdriver. In nature, vanadium metal appears in different, often colorful minerals, but only rarely in high concentration. 

Vanadium metal crystals 99,95% 1 gram

High purity Vanadium metal crystals 1 gram 99,95% pure sample in labeled glass vial. Pure Vanadium metal sample for element collection. Amazing colored surface.

Vanadium crystals 1g

6,90 €

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Vanadium metal crystals 99,95%

High purity Vanadium metal CRYSTALS 99,95%. Different weights, choose yours from the scroll down menu below.

Pure Vanadium metal crystals for element collection, display and laboratory.

Vanadium crystals 1g

89,90 €

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Vanadium BIG crystal acrylic cube

High purity Vanadium meta BIG and shiny single crystal 99,95% pure sample casted in acrylic cube.  Pure Vanadium metal crystal for element display.

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm

Technologies: diamond cut for a self-standing pose, laser engraved and colored name and symbol.

Vanadium acrylic
64,90 € 2

39,90 €

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Vanadium metal rod 99.95%

High purity Vanadium metal rod 99.95%, pure element 23 V sample. Pure Vanadium metal rod for element collection.

Weight: 9 grams

Dimensions: 20x10mm 

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Vanadium pellets 2g

44,90 €

  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 2-3 weeks1

Vanadium metal pellets 99,99%

High purity Vanadium metal pellets 99,95% different weight, choose from the scroll down menu below. Pure Vanadium metal element 23 sample.

Vanadium pellets 2g

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